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Stephen G. James is a Founder & Senior Attorney of The Law Firm of Stephen G. James & Associates, PLLC., located in Queens New York. Mr. James is a well established Criminal Defense Attorney who provides many other legal services for clients and anyone in need of legal consultation such as; Family Law, Real Estate, Wills, Contracts, Landlord/Tenant, Personal Injury, Entertainment Law & Sports Representation.


Stephen is a Native Son of Queens, New York, who graduated from Forest Hills High School in 1979 and for a short while after, worked in private industry. In 1981 he enrolled in New York University and 2 ½ years later graduated in 1983, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Mr. James did not stop there. In 1984 Mr. James attended The State University of the State of New York, at Buffalo and in 1987 received The Degree of Juris Doctor.


Stephen loves reading especially, Justice Stories of a criminal nature. For him, this was one of the driving forces behind his decision to become a dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney.


Under the supervision of Former District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman, Stephen began his Law Career as an Assistant Kings County District Attorney and later as an Administrative Law Judge Hearing Officer presiding over High School Suspension Hearings, New City Board of ED. Upon leaving the Kings County District Attorney’s Office and without hesitation, in 1988 Stephen opened a successful private Law Practice in South East Queens, New York, defending clients in murder cases and A-1 Felony Drug Cases. Mr. James felt that he could better serve “We the People”, in communities of the five boroughs as well as other States by providing equality and justice for all in need of his legal service throughout the five boroughs and the entire State of New York, Connecticut, Washington, D.C. and all Federal Jurisdictions. Attorney James has distinguished himself as one of this Country’s Premier Legal Minds


Mr. James was the Leading Attorney in many high profile & Landmark Cases including the Rosedale, Queens racial attack in which a Haitian Family was attacked in their own home in Rosedale, Queens, while celebrating the 4th of July, in Brooklyn, The Korean Grocer Boycott Case, The Yusef Hawkins Assassination Case, The Godfather III shootout Case at Sunrise Movie Theatre, The N.O. 1 Mosque #7

Police Attack Case. He also Counseled many local New York & National political Figures on important events of the day.  Argued Habeas Corpus Briefs before The New York State Supreme Court


Mr. James is also Founder & President of a successful Mortgage & Real Estate Brokerage Firm, since 1988 to 2002. He is a Member of The First Class Honored for 40 under 40 Award Recipients.


Stephen G. James is here to serve you The People of this City.

"Serving All Your Legal Needs Since 1988"