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Botham Jean killing at the hands of his neighbor

Attorney Stephen G. James is currently representing, as counsel and legal adviser, a key witness in the Botham Jean killing at the hands of his neighbor, an off-duty Dallas, TX. Policewoman named Amber Guyger. She claimed she "mistakenly" entered his apartment...

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The state of New York -vs- Ophelia Burnett

A second recent high-profile criminal case handled by attorney at war Stephen G. James was the criminal defense of a young, out of state traveler to New York, who got caught up in the criminal justice system and found herself facing a 58 count indictment at trial and...

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Stepheng James, attorney at war has been involved with several, recent high-profile criminal cases. one in which he represented the family of Leandro Feiz, the young 15 year old boy killed in the Belmont section of the Bronx back in June 2018 in an outrageous case of...

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